Registration and competition

Before the registration of the figures all participants must buy an ticket for the museum. 
A registration without ticket is not possible. The Bavarian Army Museum of Ingolstadt offers favorable tickets for all days. The employees of the museum give information about current prices.

All participants of the competition must filled out the registration formbevor placing the figures on the displays.
The form is to be filled clear in readable form and to be signed.Please fill out completelythe adress area so we have the possibility to send on certificates or medals if the participant is not present during the honor ceremony. The postal addresses are only for the internal use, the registration forms are annihilated after 6 months. 
You can also download the registration form from our homepages 

The participants receives a display number according to the chosen category and small labels with the display number and a consecutive number. These labels are to be attached to the socket.

Please enter the name of the figure in the registration form an stick the corresponding consecutive number on the base of the figure.

Every participant keeps a red adhesive point. 

The start money per participant is 10 €.

The participant can start in this way in several categories according to the subsequently mentioned restrictions.

An registration form mus be filled out for each category.

It is not possible to take part in the same category in the Master- and Standard-Class.

Example:Master Painting and Standard Painting is not possible

Master Painting and Standard Open is possible

Master Painting and Flats Standard Painting is not possible

Master Painting and Flats Master Painting is possible

Our registration-team will support for further questions

The arrangement of the figures on the assigned displays will be done by the participant. The design of the display (Cloth, stairs, socket) is a freely selectable form. 
The standard size of the displays is approx. 30 x 30 cm. If this size is not sufficient, due to the size or the number of exhibits, a larger display can be arranged only in agreement with the organisation. Please contact our registration-team.

Now a very important note in own matter:

Figures from all eras and sections (civilian, military, Fantasy , round or flat) are admitted for the competition.
In agreement with the museum we dont approve figures with power-glorifying, porn or extrem right wing contents. 
The Organizers reserve the right to not approve such exhibits for the competition.
Here we ask for sense particular our foreign visitors. The law position in Germany for the representation of national socialist symbolism is unambiguous.

Times for registration: 

Friday:      10.00 - 16.45 o´clock

Saturday:  09.00 - 12.00 o´clock

The figure taken from the displays on Sunday evening can occure at the earliest at 15.30 o'clock since the museum is opened until 16.00 o'clock for the public traffic. A former take is possible in reasonable individual cases only in agreement with the organization.

The organizer or the museum is not responsible for any damages on exhibits.