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Master program "Duke by Bavaria"


09.00    Beginning structure market range in the Dürnitz

14.00    Beginning figure acceptance

16.00    End to figure acceptance


09.00    Beginning figure acceptance and structure of market

13.00    End to structure work market

14.00    Opening of the meeting.

16.30    End to figure acceptance

17.00    End 1st day. Official opening within small framework, greetings of the honour guests/press/dealer by Dr. Schönauer and Presidents of the Assosiation. Conception of the conference figure for the local press. Lunch/cosy gathering.


09.00    Beginning 2nd day. Opening of the figure acceptance.

12.00    End to figure acceptance

13.00    Beginning of the judgement

17.00    End of the 2nd day. Evaluation of the results from 17.00 to 19.30

20.00    Bavarian evening, hotel anchor, meal A `la carte, ticket reservation with the organizer requested.


09.00    Beginning 3rd day.

15.30    Winners ceremony in the flag hall.

17.00    End of the meeting

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Herzog von Bayern Wettbewerb
Duke of Bavaria Competition
Duc de Baviere Compétition
Duca dalla Bavaria Concorrenza